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    Trident or Alkatronic

    I've had both for over a year now and I am happy with both - if I only could have one I'd go with the Alkatronic, however I like having two for redundancy. Trident: Pros: If you have the apex system already this is pretty good. Measures 3 levels vs 2 (Alkatronic provides Alk and ph). 2 tubes...
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    Reef tank Maintenance services?

    Does anyone use or have any recommendations for reef tank maintenance services in or near St Charles IL? I will be gone for a few months and my family isn’t able to help out beyond cleaning the glass due to 2 little kids. Ideally I would like to hire someone who can keep up with my maintenance...
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    Holiday Giveaways

    Thanks again for putting all this together!
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    Holiday Giveaways! #1 $50 Pro Reef Coral Gift Card

    Sweet!!! Awesome news!
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    Holiday Giveaways! #1 $50 Pro Reef Coral Gift Card

    I’m in! Merry Christmas!
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    Local Fish Stores - Chicagoland 2020

    Thanks for updating the list!
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    November Premium Member Giveaway

    In! Thanks for bringing these back!
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    Switching from Apex to GHL Profilux 4

    very nice!
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    Eric's Red Sea XXL 750

    Been a while since I had any updates. Check out coloration of my forest fire digi. I blanket fed the tank reef roads, and between the shadowing, orange, green, brown colors it almost turned it into something else. Normally this is just green and red. Co2 Scrubber modification part 1: I saw...