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    Ecotech Marine... are they on drugs ?

    Considering the connectivity bugs and issues the app has... they have to be kidding. It's like buying a new Ferrari that only turns on every other time.
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    Low dkh

    You can raise dkh by adding baking soda to your Tank. When my alk was low I used arm and hammer baking soda to bring it up to where I needed it (albeit, slowly)
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    I'm in the giving mood :-)

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    Merry Christmas

    Merry Christmas everyone!!
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    Seahorse tank

    I think for standard It's 30 for the first pair, then 10 gallons per additional pair Dwarves are a lot more complicated. I remember reading that they have to be kept in groups of 5 or more and in no larger than 10 gallons...
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    I’m looking to step up my Photography game

    For phone you can start off with the clip on lens kit, most include a macro lens that is good for close up pics.
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    I’m looking to step up my Photography game

    I picked up the Cannon T7 from Costco, it cost about 500 and it came with a macro lens. I can upload some pics I took in a bit (my build thread is severely behind) I'm planning on getting a 100mm macro lens down the road too, but it'll cost as much as the camera.
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    Spam messages

    Isn't there a post requirement to be able to Pm?
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    BRS acquires Neptune Systems HOLD ON WHAT thoughts on this?
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    Drilling a 210

    You can also test if it's tempered or not if you have a screen and 3d glasses
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    Drilling a 210

    If it's tempered glass don't even try, it'll shatter instantly.
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    Glue for dry rock

    This stuff is the best there is. Comes in gray and pink, your rock will break before this gives way.
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    Bulk Reef Supply Acquires Marine Depot

    Liveaquaria has good deals on frozen
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    300 gallon financial sinkhole

    Trying my hand at making my own frozen food. Time to destroy my kitchen!
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    300 gallon financial sinkhole

    Thanks! It really does put things into perspective