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    Rich’s First Build 180

    You should be fine with just the bulkhead gaskets. Adding silicone to bulkheads makes it really difficult to stop any leaks that you'll likely get from any gaps between the rubber gasket and silicone. For future projects, I always drill holes from the inside of the tank because you get a cleaner...
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    13.5 work tank

    That acan is fantastic
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    Sorry not reef related but...some nice birds :)

    Great shots Mai!
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    Sawdonkey’s 210 Build #2

    Love Thalassoma wrasses. Between them and triggers (like your picasso), we don't get to see nearly enough of them in reefs. CUCs are overrated anyways.
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    Sawdonkey’s 210 Build #2

    Remind me the type of wrasse you have? I couldn't find it anywhere in the thread
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    new 40 gal build

    The tank, cabinet, and canopy skin look *amazing*! Great work so far. :)
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    Do you have a picture? Depending on how the tank is put together, you should be able to replace the panel pretty easily.
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    Mixed 60 cube build

    PVC cement cures in under an hour; you can probably leave fish in the tank while you reglue!
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    Mixed 60 cube build

    There should hardly be any water going down the red pipe; is the gate valve on your durso open all of the way? I have the same drain setup, and if I didn't have two gyres pushing waves into my overflow box, my plumbing would be silent.
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    Xmoji 57 Gallon Reef Tank

    Aquarium Adventure usually carries Seapora; I'd give them a call!
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    Dvanlier05's 120 SPS Garden

    At least your fresher cut didn't get condemned with the rest of your order... Any clues to what it is?
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    Dvanlier05's 120 SPS Garden

    I love seeing 1" growth tips on mini colonies; they're gonna double in size so quickly! Colors look amazing. :)
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    Xmoji 57 Gallon Reef Tank

    Seapora is roughly the same quality as Deep Blue. They hold up fine!
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    Xmoji 57 Gallon Reef Tank

    You should play around with building one! You could get away with 1/4" glass, but 3/8" would look pretty slick. New corals look awesome, BTW. Love the favia!
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    Funlad3's 45 Gallon 3' x 2' x 1' Acropora Lagoon

    Updates, because it's been a while! I lost a few fish in an annoying chain of events that I ultimately attribute to the boxfish. Within a few days of adding the naso in July, it mysteriously died. I didn't think anything of it, as nasos are among the most finicky tangs. Then earlier this month...