Holiday Giveaway #7 Aquarium Overload Clownfish


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Today is our 7th Holidays Giveaway! You will have a three days to post a comment below to get into the contest. Premium Members only are eligible for the drawings and you must post in this thread to be entered into this giveaway.

If you are not a premium member you can join by going to member in the top navigation bar and follow the links.

This giveaway is for a pair of clownfish from Aquarium Overload. They have a large selection of clown fish including lightning maroons, snowflakes, picassos, onyx and more. These will need to be picked up or they can meet you somewhere in the Chicago area.

You have until 1/3/2020 9pm CST to post below. You may only enter once. Sometime after 9 pm on 1/3/2020 I will post and contact the winner.

Each day I will be posting a new thread or 2 for more giveaways. Keep your eye out for them.