Has anyone been to reefwise recently? How was it? I’ll be in IL mid Feb and looking for some stores to visit. Always liked aquapros and reefwise but heard reefwise has gone down hill.



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Went about a month ago. They're on the come back, new owners are trying but they can't fix overnight the destruction of years of neglect. Pretty good selection of fish and corals and reasonable prices.


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Store changed a lot for the better. Plenty of fish and corals. They do add copper to fish tanks to start qt process (I like that a lot). Differently worth stopping by.


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That’s a bummer to hear that Reefwise went south. There was a period when Reefwise was elite for high end fish. If I remember correctly they had a guy with a ton of wholesaler connections. I moved out of Chicagoland in 2020 and it was getting lackluster around that time.

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