Waterbox 270LX

Here it is 😁. It’s a beauty scape needs a little more work. Everything else is pretty much setup only missing the radion G5 XR30 currently keeping the corals alive in my 60 gallon but I will transfer it as soon as I transfer my livestock in 2 months probably. I will list out the specs of the build latter as I’m exhausted. this is gonna be one heck of a reef.
First spec I’m going to list is the lighting. 4 xr15 Gen 5’s blues that are setup currently in addition to that there are 2 4 foot Or bars one Uv+ one Blue + I put uv in the front and Blue in the back I will also be hanging my xr30 blue gen 5 in the middle once I transfer livestock out of the 60 it’s currently lighting.1A654A81-330A-4CBE-AF0F-8A75785AD66F.jpeg