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    Sea Schor Fundraising and Sale 12/19/2020

    Rest In Peace
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    Sea Schor Fundraising and Sale 12/19/2020

    I want to wish Steve a speedy and full recovery
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    Ocean Blue Aquatics... Elgin OH YEA this is a MUST SEE LFS

    I was at Ocean Blue Aquatics today, pretty sure my first time ever GIO was great to deal with, friendly, and knowledgeable They have a large number of marine tanks... with pristine water, super clean, clearly a passion, not a job. I found AMAZING livestock there today, all healthy, lots of...
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    Xotic Aquatic- Chicago NICE !!

    I stopped in Xotic Aquatic recently on Milwaukee... it was awesome to see they expanded into additional store space !! The revamped their saltwater tank system and did a great job. Nice stock, nice prices, nice people... It's great to see them doing well.... YEA I bought livestock and got a...
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    Red Sea Madness.... warning they multiply

    I'm " thinking " about the 750 it really is lovely but I think I forsee a new Corvette in the not too distant future GULP
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    Red Sea Madness.... warning they multiply

    not sure yet... i think I want to try SPS dominant with fish
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    New torches

    awesome pricing
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    Red Sea Madness.... warning they multiply

    I've been running a Red Sea 750 for about 1.5 years , really happy with it other than aptasia annoyance Albert at Aquacave has been a great source of information and of course equipment Kurt from Sea Solutions- Racine has been another wealth of information, and expert equipment installer-...
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    Current model Fluval FX 4 for reef tank ? anyone own and use ?

    I plan on setting up new Red Sea 900 with sump-skimmer, algae scrubber... i want to add canister filter anyone use newer Fluval FX 4 ? I have Red Sea 750 and use marineland C-530 on it Wondering if Fluval better ? easier to use ? harder to use ? is Fluval as quiet as C 530 ? I know Fluval...
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    What SPS is this ?

    Thank you
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    What SPS is this ?

    anyone know this one ?
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    what happened to Seven Seas ?

    is seven seas- Arlington Hghts still open ?
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    Red Sea 750 HAPPY 6 month Annyversary

    I started this Red Sea 750 on August 10, 2019 I wanted to shout out thanks to Kurt Wendorf, Wojtek, and Albert-AquaCave for all the help ! I'm liking this one bruce
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    WANTED high end reef safe WRASSES & TANGS

    anyone know where to find LOCALLY some nice reef safe wrasses & tangs ? looking for Chevron Tang black leopard wrasses Maculoiceps Tang Lineatus wrasse Scotts Fairy wrasse mystery wrasse any help appreciated bruce