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    My bta nasty tank

    dirty water. they think they are going to die so they split
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    Thanks everyone I decided to go with Melev's Reef He will be custom making it to the exact size I need
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    i do not have a lot of room. Looking to have one made 4"wide x16" tall X 36" long to fit next to my sump
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    I don't have the room for something that big
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    Where to get a custom ato container made at a reasonable price
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    apex controller mounting bracket

    Looking for an apex controller module mounting tab anybody have one laying at they are not using
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    wtb apex break out box

    thanks bought one
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    wtb apex break out box

    looking to buy a apex break out box
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    who make a good wireless bridge for reefkeeper /apex

    What kind of wireless adapters are you using for your apex/ reefkeeper system. I've been using a Netgear WNCE2001 as a wireless bridge to connect my reefkeeper to my home wifi network. I came home today to discover my Netgear WNCE2001 dead again .This is the third one in four years. Who make a...
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    wtb ph prode

    Looking to buy a ph probe anybody local have one. Or best place to buy one. Will any brand work in a reefkeeper?
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    advance Aquatics store closing

    advance Aquatics will be closing, Starting this weekend we have many new and used items besides the livestock that are going to be sold. New Stands, Tanks, Books, Frozen Food, Lighting, Salt, everything must go Some of the manufactures API, ATI, All Glass, Aquatop, Brightwell, Carib Sea...
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    protein skimmer smell

    The smell from my protein skimmer is horrible. Does anyone know how to keep it from being so bad? It stinks up the whole room.
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    magnet aquarium cleaners

    I need to buy a new aquarium magnet cleaner to clean the glass on my tank . Which brand works the best for a glass tank ?
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    Best test kit

    Who makes the best test kits for Calcium, Kh/alk, Nitrate and Magnesium
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    Question on storing fish tanks

    Question on storing fish tanks in a storage unit that is not climate controlled. Will the Chicago heat and cold have any affect on them? Will the temps have any affect on the silicon caulk on the glass tanks? Will the seams of the Acrylic tanks hold up to the high temps that can be reach inside...