Abyzz pump review


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Lots of videos around the internet on these, so I'll keep this review short. I've got the Abyzz A200 and have been running it since January. Huge fan of the pump, works great going over 13' from my basement into the tank. Variable speed, love it! The 10 year warranty is what sold me on the pump.

It is one of the more expensive pumps, but personally I think it's worth it. 10 year warranty, built to last with high quality parts.

Main reason I thought of posting this brief review is I just noticed there are 20% sales on these pumps right now. I paid full price last year, 1899.99, and the current going rate is $1519.00. Marine depot is honoring this sale, I'm sure others will follow soon as they all typically get the same deals. Yes, still expensive, but thats pretty significant savings all considering! I'm tempted to add a second backup pump to the system.