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Does anyone know of anyone who does acrylic work? I have a sump that is leaking on one seam that I was hoping could be sealed up. There are no cracks. I think Weld-on 16 would do the trick but I have never done it before so would prefer to at least talk to someone who has some experience.



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Not sure what size sump you need but I am also selling a 36” sump right now.

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Looking for a bigger sump at least 48” in length.
Can I put the weld on 4 and 16 in the seams or will I need to get a piece of acrylic to go over the seam and then put the weld on?


Weld on 4 is thinner than water. When you clean the seam and clamp it together, you use a syringe applicator to shoot it into the tiny gap and it spreads by itself between the pieces. You can watch videos on YouTube. The weld on 16 is the consistency of super glue gel. You just run a bead of it on the inside corner for extra peace of mind. Whether or not you need a reinforced corner depends on how thick the sump acrylic is and whether it has been compromised in other ways aside from having a bad joint. In any event, scrap acrylic costs nothing and it takes very little cut a piece and put it in the corner. But avoid the temptation of just using the weld on 16 with the reinforcement like a kindergarten project. If there is any gap, water will find a way through. You really need the weld on 4 in the joint with clamps so that the edges are touching.