Bubble Algae Help


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So here is my dilemma.

Current tank is a nano, Biocube 16g.
Just got an IM 30L going this week and everything will be moved over there once it's ready.

Have had some aptasia in the Biocube, it's annoying but I can usually nuke them easy enough.

Got a monti frag a couple months ago and bubble algae developed on it. Removed it, fragged off the bad part but I didn't catch it in time, now the bubble algae has spread.

I want to not bring bubble algae over into the new tank.
Anyone ever had a similar situation? Moved corals from one tank to another and not brought bubble algae over?

Open to ideas.



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Yeah, none of the rock is moving, I was more thinking of how to get the corals moved over.
Frag, dip, put in new tank is my current thought.


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I see, yes I would frag off rock dip and then place. Even if you have to sacrifice some Coral at the base. It’s better than infecting the new system.