Eric's 90


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Hi! Thought I'd finally share some pictures of my 90 gallon reef system. The tank hits it's 1 year anniversary this month and corals are finally starting to grow.

Coral photos:
Tank setup photos:

Tank spec's:
90 gallon ~about 140gl total (minus what ever sand and live rock take out)

Water flow in the tank
-2x MP40s (currently set around 50%, alternating between reef crest mode and constant flow)
-Sea Swirl on the return line
-Frag tank has 1x MP10

-Lifereef CLF1 Berlin, signature series (Green/black color combo - glow's under actinics)
-Mag12 pump for main display
-Skimmer upgraded to a flanged SVS3, signature series
-Mag 9.5 pump for media cylinders
-3x Media Cylinders, sig series. Currently running XL bio pellets in 1, carbon in another, have GFO in the 3rd but havn't changed it in months)
-1x 150w Eheim heaters (in the summer the pumps keep the tank right around 77/78f)
-Lifereef 10gallon refugium
-Lifereef LRC2 Calcium reactor, sig series.

-2x Radion XR30 G4 Pro's w/filters. Running a program similar to the WWC program with increased levels to what I found online after mapping out with the apogee PAR meter.
-LED light on the refugium, opposite lighting schedule
-Radion XR15 G4 Pro w/filter on the frag tank.

Control - all housed in a recycled kitchen cabinet. Top pulls off, Electrical is in the top drawer, dosing chemicals and ATO in the main, power supplies underneath)
-Reef Link
-Neptune Apex
-Neptune ATK (fed by a 10gl, I go through about 8 gallons a week, open top tank)
-Neptune doser (supplementing for Alk and magnesium)

Parameters - measure about 1x a month now. Took me about 6 months to get things stabilized here.
Sg: 1.026
pH: 8.15 (probe - daily range says 8-8.3 in the summer)
KH: 8.4 (hana)
Ca: 493 (hana)
P04: .13 (hana)
Mag: 1320 (red sea) (need to increase dosing on this one to get it closer to 1400)

Equipment at setup. CA reactor not pictured, but it fills the empty space on the right.

RODI Station - in the basement. Working awesome, except it DI resin seems to go quickly, usually about every 60-90gl's the TDS goes from 0 to 2.

Clown's are hosting the welso.

Some of the corals I have in the frag tank

WWC OG Bounce

Zoa's growing out in the display - at least 10 different ones, mostly dominated by JF Cry babies and Capt Jerks

Maze Brain! This went in the tank 2 months in, somehow I didn't kill it and its been doing awesome!

Tons more photos in the albums. Most of my SPS are still in the frag stage. A few of the monti's have taken off and I will start making some frags soon, same with some of the Zoa's that are getting out of control.

Thanks for looking!


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Nice work. I really like the mixed reef, lots of different things going on. Equipment choices and water change station also look like they make maintenance fairly simple.