Eric's Red Sea XXL 750


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Been a while since I had any updates.
Check out coloration of my forest fire digi. I blanket fed the tank reef roads, and between the shadowing, orange, green, brown colors it almost turned it into something else. Normally this is just green and red.

Co2 Scrubber modification part 1: I saw a post about extending the life of c02 absorbent media, and setup my scrubber in a semi closed loop fashion. Mostly closed, but there is still an air hole in the top of the skimmer cup. This setup pulls in water vapor, which helps extend the life of the media and keep my venturi free from salt build up. Previously when I only connected it to the venturi, salt would build up causing the skimmer to stop working.

C02 Scrubber mod part 2: Well, too much water vapor got into the C02 media, basically creating a white paste. Air was still flowing through, but it wasn't doing what I was hoping. This afternoon I removed the c02 scrubber, added a T between the venturi and overflow, then ran a 16' line of tubing up to the ceiling and over to a basement window. I'm hoping that this will allow enough fresh air to get drawn in that it will help me boost and stabilize my pH.

Hopefully the mesh keeps bigger bugs out. Depending on how this goes I may end up extending the "snorkel" tube up and out of the window well.

Refugium light upgrade: The one I had (Zet light) was good (seen in above photo), but better suited for a smaller tank and was not growing enough chaeto to keep the nutrients down to where I'd like them. I picked up a Kessil H380, and made my own hanging kit out of some hardware store parts. The ballast on this light gets really hot, more so than any of my other lights.

Chaos! Not everyone can be organized. That's why I love having a basement sump room.