Faisal's 60G Cube


So I have not had a chance to post here in a few years now! Wife & I welcomed Irish twins into this world and they have been keeping our hands full since.

the tank was beyond neglected during the past 2 years..heres what been happening:
since June 2017 I have not done any water changes or maintenance, I should mention Skimmer/bioballs/carbon were also all offline.

I lost all the hard corals within that summer and some softies followed due to nitrates likely since GHA came and went after 6 months, then came the red slime which is still in my tank covering all 4 sides of the glass, I have been looking down the top ever since.

Some weird really colorful (red/Orange) things which I believe to be sponges started growing randomly throughout the tank for 6-8 months then went away, these were lighting up under the blues and looked cooler then the corals still alive in my tank!
I may have a picture somewhere on my phone, will post once its found.

the tank essentially took care of itself, I would drop food once a week for the few fish (couple carpet surfed one week when i forgot to put the top lid on while away smh.
I would also top off the water with normal tap water, stopped using rodi June 2017.

My little ones are starting to walk/run and have shown a great interest in what is behind the panes of purple algae so i thought it was time to give the tank a checkup...little to my surprise after 2.5 years of not paying any attention to it there was lots which needed attention...it took me aver an hr or scraping (slime wiped off but the coraline algea was a killer to scrape, it pretty much encrusted all 4 sides fully.
My skimmer which has been sitting offline will need a deep cleaning to remove the Vermetid snails which have attached themselves. THEY ARE EVERYWHERE!

The 2 biggest problem i noticed were:
-My MP 40 wetside fell off due to the magnet swelling and rusted like no tomorrow. the magnet swelled to 2x the size and likely what killed most of my hard corals
-My stand seems to be taking in moisture and a side/corner are swellign and getting weaker, this scares the shit out of me and is why I am posting here, what would the recommendations be?


After a little looking around I decided to build my own stand, I would like to make it a little bigger & taller then the current stand to have a better view & ample sump space.

The exact footprint of the tank is 24.5x24.5 & current stand is 25Lx25Wx31H but the inside dimensions (sump 'room') is wayy smaller as I have struggled to even get the skimmer head out.

Decided to ditch the wood and use T-slot aluminum instead for a smaller frame.

I want the new stand to be 30Lx30Wx36H giving enough room to fit my sump horizontally (right now its almost taking the entire inside) & enough room for a 10+G ATO reservoir, carbon+GFO BRS dual reactor and future room for a macroalgae & Kalc reactors

I went ahead and placed an order with tnutz, stay tuned for a 8020 stand build!