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Hi y’all I’m just setting up my new Reef tank a waterbox 270LX and I’m looking for some suggestions for stocking lists and for feedback here’s my current list. Looking for fish that won’t eat my lps or Sps :)

Purple tang-own
Hippo tang
Blonde Naso tang
Achilles tang
Tomini tang-own
Reef safe trigger red tail sargassum
Anthias (lyre tails)
Six line wrasse-own
Flasher wrasse
Pair of black snowflake clown-own
A few Bengi cardinal fish- currently own 1
Zebra Moray Eel
Diamond Goby


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I have learned that you need fish that will do some job for you. Here are my two cents.
Cleaner wrasse - will keep your fish healthy and will cleaning any parasites off your fish,
Copperband Butterfly - will take care any aiptasia in your tank,
Fox face tang - will eat bubble algae,
Any sand sifting goby if you planing to have sand.
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They won’t eat corals...just your clean up crew.

By the way, how bug is your tank? Reefer 270 LX gives me no results.
It’s a Waterbox 270LX not really sure it’s 6 feet by 30 inches wide and 26.3 tall I’m guessing like 200 gallons
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(Length x width x height in inches) / 231 = volume in gallons (not including glass thickness, overflow boxes, and head space). So (72 x 30 x 26.3) / 231 = 245.9