Multiple Dying Wrasse

So I had 4 wrasse in my 75. A fairy, 1 male flasher, 1 female flasher, and 1 Lubbock
The flashers didn’t take to the fairy or the Lubbock very well and would chase and nip them frequently. They both passed last week and I believe it as because they were harassed. This week, I discovered the male flasher is dying. I’m concerned. My water parameters seem good and all other fish are doing fine. (3 Goby, clown, hippo, and Red scooter blenny).
Any thoughts? The female wrasse seems happy and fine.


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Sorry to hear this, why do you think the male flasher is dying? If the parameters are good, sounds like stress all the way around. Seems like you have plenty of room in a 75 gallon. I like your approach on changing water, it cannot hurt.