Problem Algea


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Are you using RODI water? Do you have strong water movement? WHat is calcium level like?


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Is the red stuff hard and calcified? Coraline comes in many colors, not just pink. I'm not sure what type of algae that would be. It doesn't look like Red Turf, which is a good thing. If it flakes off like a hard calcified crust, then its a type of coraline, if it brushes off it is something else. If that's the case, keep it, it adds a nice color IMO.

I've had my tank up for many years and I don't have much coraline. i could never figure out why. I even made sure my magnesium was high, which when combined with proper ca and alk levels should make it explode. Turns out that i have a particular strain of asterina stars that eat coraline. everytime I see my coraline take off the star population explodes and eats it all...I hate them...


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Also, how old are you bulbs? Older bulbs give off the wrong color spectrum which fuels nuisance algae and not the coraline.