I got some CuC, a yellow watchman goby, and a bunch of easy corals for my new captive-bred mandarin tank. And a Hanna calcium checker.


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I got a couple of sticks and my favorite pick up….Little Shop of Horrors zoas 😁

also I grabbed the last stainless steel replacement blade For Kent glass scrapper from Dirks. Wow those things are hard to find!!
Wow we may need to trade latter down the line for a polyp of little shop of horrors 🤣C6D2BD13-C6F4-4A9B-B99A-669ACB11DA0E.jpeg18D0C30E-8177-40E3-A97B-7CCA6CC02CFD.jpeg2BA410B9-D238-44F8-BF71-F4C7ADB32F36.jpeghere are some of my pickups I need a better camera lol