Reefbot Review


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So a few months ago, I signed up to be notified when Reefbot was back in stock, I got the email a few weeks ago and jumped on and ordered one, I have had it up and running for almost two weeks. It's awesome, really a great piece of equipment, well designed and very easy to setup. The app is good, it's a little clunky but works well and I am sure they will keep improving it. I had some issues with it initially, tank water pickup was in an area of the sump that was to turbulent and the Reefbot was sucking in air. With the help of their in app chat I was able to diagnose and resolve.

A couple of things that were a little surprising but not a big deal:
It produces quite a bit of waste. I recommend a large waste container, I mean you get one of these to do less work, you don't want be constantly changing the waste.
RODI, same, it uses quite a bit for all the rinsing and tests. I have mine pulling from my RODI tank reservoir (35 gallon brute can).
The tests take about an hour.

I am using Red Sea and API test kits ATM.

Overall if you can get one do it, I love mine, make water tests not only easier, but it graphs your results and you have them with you right there on your phone. Pretty cool.


What are you testing with it?

I use an Alkatronic for my All and like that the waste goes back into the tank