Tank lift - anyone around this Saturday?


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Not sure if this is the right place for this, but anyone free this Saturday afternoon to help with getting my 160 gallon up on the stand? I'm in St Charles. Could easily provide pizza, beers, maybe even frag out some of the things I got growing in the 90gl. I figure, pay it forward in case I crash everything out when I finally transfer everything over!

Should be pretty easy to move, I just can not lift it myself. I have the tank on moving dollys, and have 2 heavy duty 10" suction cups to lift on each end of the tank. Not sure the best way to lift it from the floor up on the stand other than getting strong quick. Tank weighs 370lbs.


Call it the "unofficial" Chicagoreefs holiday party & first annual tank movement, possibly meet at noon this Saturday, or later depending on folks availability. I can provide an address by PM if you can make it. If no ones around, no biggie, I've got family coming in Monday night and should have enough people to get the tank moved by then.

Tank you!

If you were a little closer I would gladly help, unfortunately St. Charles is quite far from me. Good luck getting the tank up and running.


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I would but i have to clean sat for xmas on Sunday might be able to later Saturday if you dont get somebody earlier. Im not far like 1/2 hr my little bro lives in st charles


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Thank you to everyone offering to help! So family randomly showed up a few days early and I put them to work. Got the tank up and on the stand! So sadly, Tank move party is currently called off. Greatly appreciate the support! Have a merry christmas everyone!