Update your threads


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Come on peeps! I just scrolled through the threads on this forum and as I got really far down the list, I saw only two non-for sale threads. Show everyone what you’re working on and let’s keep this place from looking like Craigslist.


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LOL yea Idk about everyone else but im just waiting for something to post a update about lol as soon as my 270 comes in from waterbox I will make a new thread ;)


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Unfortunately my tank is gone and I’m on the east coast now but hopefully a new one will fill it’s place soon here. Even though I’m out east I’m still going to start a thread.

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Jk!!! what’s up everyone? I haven’t been on in a while just peak every so often
. So I got rid of my reefer 250 and built a reefer 425xl, been up and running since Oct.

Happy reefing
Looking beautiful. Is the light rack mounted on the wall?


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I'm slowly getting back into the hobby after being out for a bit. Picked up a Red Sea Reefer 170 and Red Sea 90 LED. Going with a anemone tank, anyone with leads on a Colorado sunburst or Chicago sunburst let me know. Will be looking for one in a few months.