Waterbox 25 peninsula build

Well I’m getting back into it! Got my 25 peninsula yesterday, awesome looking tank, ordered an AI prime HD 16, heater, and upgraded to the sicce silent 1.0. I’ll get a Nero 3 once I get it set up. Have some pukani left from the last tank that I’ll use for the scape. A lot of the WB 25 peninsulas I see they keep their scape low so I plan on building mine up a bit but we will see how it goes. I think I’ll be sticking to softies, zoas, LPS. I want to keep the maintenance down so I’ll probably stay away from SPS for the time being. Fish will be a pair of long fin clowns, watchman/pistol combo and maybe one more fish. I didn’t order the waterbox stand because the price is excessive and the quality I’ve heard is not good so I’ll be working on finding a stand next. Should be a fun little build. I’ve always wanted a peninsula and this is a perfect little size for what I want.