Xmoji 57 Gallon Reef Tank


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Happy Mother’s Day to all the Mother’s.

Quick update:

I have had my po4 drop out on me after the chaeto I had exploded. I had to counter the drop by heavy feeding and dosing NeoPhos by Brightwell. I also took out about half of the chaeto. After a few days I’m now sitting around 0.06-0.1 ppm. No3 is currently 10 ppm. I’m going to try and run the tank around those levels for the time being and see how it reacts. Polyp extension has been crazy on my pc rainbow and my monti’s are looking really happy too.

PC Rainbow

Wild Acro - Similar to Rainbow Loom. It lost all its purple tips but I can start to see it return on some new growth.

Beach Bum Monti

Crazy T


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Hey everyone!
I picked up this coral several months ago from my local lfs. I purchased as a hammer coral. I like the predominantly blue color with the hints of gold in it.

As it’s grown over the past few months I noticed that the normally hammer like end of the tentacle weren’t very hammer like. They branch off to form their own unique shapes.

I wondered if this is just a regular hammer or more of a frammer? I’ve never had one before and don’t have much experience with frammers.

What are your thoughts?



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It looks like a frammer to me. Love the colors! No experience myself with them but imagine they are similar to hammers/frogspawn.


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Hey guys, so I haven’t been having much luck lately with sps. A lot of brown colored sticks and even lost a couple of pieces. I couldn’t figure out why especially since my parameters seems ok and no crazy swings. dkh 8.2 no3 5 po4 0.1. Then I realized through the reflection on the water that a bunch of led diodes on my ap700 died. I wasn’t getting the same light intensity that I normally would. I realized that was my problem and it was probably like that for some time. I threw on the extra ai prime i had lying around while I shopped for new lights.

shortly after adding the prime and raising the ap700 color started to show again. I ended up picking up two xr15 blues. Once those arrive I’ll figure out a way to reutilize the existing light mounts with the radions.
Happy Thanksgiving


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Here’s my temp lighting situation. As I said before I noticed a few weeks ago that a bunch led diodes on my old ap700 died. It could have been weeks before that they actually died by the time I noticed. This is totally expected as the unit is several years old.

I picked up an ai prime that I used to used in my sump as a coral holding area. Since I don’t have that much coral these days it was just in storage.

the prime and the faulty ap700 is keeping coral alive right now but I can’t wait for my new lights to get in!