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let me kno how many heads are avaliable ill take all of them
Theirs plenty available don't have a full count because some are splitting .
Txt me is easier 8479714241
when can i come get the tank. ill take it i think i bought a nano cube from you like 10 years ago. lol.
Looking for brighter SPS corals. LMK if you have anything available. Thanks
is the nem still available? i bought some frags a while back from you and i remember your tank was amazing
It is gone i will let you know if it splits again
what do u want for a frag of the flame acro ? do u have other sps frags for sale
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I've been doing $50 for about a 1" chunk. I have red robin, vivid's rainbow, wwc yellow tip, garf bonsai, and some jawbreakers.
The space between the center brace and outer edge of the opening on my tank is 22 1/4 inches. Did I read correctly that the glass pieces are 24 inches wide?
The reference to 24”, must be like the reference to a 2 x 4 piece of lumber. The actual length is 22 3/4”. Added a couple more pictures to the original thread.
I teach HS, so I can swing out to Naperville at 3pm after school during the week or I can come get it this coming weekend. What side of Naperville are you on?
I live at 1164 Catherine Ave., about a mile east of downtown. Let’s try during the week, I'm working from home, you pick the day and time, I’ll leave out on porch, you check it out and if you like it you leave money on small porch table. Sound good?

630 347-3114