GugsJr 240 Cube


Well I'm upgrading again. Will be going from a 210 72x24x30 to a 240 48x48x24 cube Don't have the tank yet need to find out when I can pick up.


  • 2 Orphek Atlantic V4s
  • 2 Orphek OR2 Daylight
  • Bashsea 48x18 Smart Series Sump
  • Diablo XS200 skimmer with varios pump
  • COR20 for return with 2 VCA RFG Nozzles
  • Hammerhead for Closed loop with 4 VCA RFG Nozzles
  • 4 300 Watt heaters
  • Apex 2016
  • 2 Neptune DOS
  • Skimz Algae Reactor
  • Carbon Reactor
  • UV Sterilizer


  • Triton Core 7

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Nice! That will be a fun dimension. Some day, I’d like something a little more cube-like, maybe like a 3X5 peninsula.


Well picked it up over the weekend with a new Bashsea sump.

Going to start buffing it today.

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What’s your plan for the 240, reef, fish only, other?
My current 210 will be going in here. Sps with fish.

My current fish list in my 210

Sohal, purple Tang, blue tang, kole yellow eye, cleaner wrasse, leopard wrasse, green coris wrasse, flasher wrasse, extreme davinci, extreme picasso, flame hawk, Bartlett Anthias, Blue Sapphire Damsel, Blue Throat Trigger, Golden Dwarf Moray Eel

Fish not being transferred over and sold:
2 Two Barred Rabbitfish, Japanese Sleeper Goby.

Debating Transferring my 2 Pyramid butterflies

Someone is nipping my zoas (just the skirts) need to figure out who.

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3000 grit completed can see through it. Tomorrow it's time to use the Novus 3,2,1. Might help when I can feel my

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