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    Akaimal Featured Reef

    Sorry Guys, The tank was bought down last year as I moved houses. Now I am setting up a new 375G 8' reef tank. I will post some pics soon :)
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    LF: Temp Setup for moving

    Hi guys, I will be moving in a a few weeks to my new house and want to setup something temporary in my new house and shift all the live stock first. I have a 240 G reef tank and the temporary setup should be able to handle at least 200G. Once I successfully move all the corals and fishes, I...
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    LF: Electrician for installing Can lights

    Looking for an electrician who can give me an estimate on installing can lights in my living room.
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    Shipping rates

    How do you guys get the reduced shipping rates on Fedex or ups? Tried to get estimates and I am getting between $80 and $110 for a 8 to 10 pound box. Was wondering what's the best way for shipping corals.
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    Thinking of re aquascaping with tonga branch

    I am thinking of reaqauascaping my tank using all tonga branch rock. Just bought 160 pounds of tonga branch. This is the current look of the tank. Not much space for fishes to swim. Thinking of going with a fully open shallow sandbed layout so that there is a lot of space for both fishes...
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    Snorkeling the Milln Reef, Great Barrier Reef, Australia-- WARNING lots of Pic

    I was in Australia at the beginning of the month. Thought of sharing my snorkeling experience of the barrier reef
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    Australia - Great Barrier Reef visit

    I was in North East Australia earlier this month. Went on couple of scuba diving trips to the barrier reef. It was amazing! Snorkeling video if shallow part of Moore Reef: Scuba diving with black tip shark on Moore Reef...
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    HD Video of my 240 G SPS dominated reef
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    My tank over the last 5 years!

    2008-0717 2008-1231 2009-0325 2009-0718 2009-1024 2010-0810 2010-1022 2011-0227 2012-0123 2012-0712 2013-0313
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    LF: Berghia Nudibranch

    I have a bad infestation of colonial hydroids in my tank. Read on reefcentral that Berghia Nudibranch eats them. I would like to test it out and see whether it works. Let me know if some one can sell one to me. Thanks.
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    Is this star fish reef safe?

    Found him this morning on the glass..