Alk, Calcium and Magnesium Supplements


What supplements are you using to boost your Alkalinity, Calcium and Magnesium. I getting my reef tank back up and running and wondering what supplements you prefer to use.



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I use BRS Kalk in my topoff for alk and cal. I use BRS mag, but don’t think about it too much...just a couple of squirts from time to time.

I keep some BRS alk in hand for emergency adjustments, but rarely use it.
I use the aquaforest components 1,2,3. Seem to be very well. I’m trying out the tropic Marin a,b,c but So far I’m not really sold on it as it doesn’t really have magnesium as as one of the primary components. Aquaforest 1,2,3 has everything plus trace elements


For my 45g I started dosing Polyplab's One. I don't follow the instructions though since that tank only has smaller SPS corals. I dose 1 cap every other day and my levels are stable at 8.5 for Alk and 440 for Calcium. I don't test for Mag.