JC Red Sea Reefer 350


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Moved from a tiny condo to a single family so took the opportunity to upgrade from my nano to a bigger tank. Red Sea Reefer 350 with Kessil AP700. Still waiting on Kessil to release the tank mount but tank is up and running. First time having a sump so was a little nervous but this tank is noob friendly with detailed instruction on hooking up 3 pre-assembled pipes. Very glad I chose this tank.

Plan is to go SPS with anthias, snowflake clown, yellow tang, and leopard wrasse. Expect lots of questions from me as I only had nano AIOs in the past. Also will be looking to buy corals soon =).
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Nice! Sweet looking tank! I can't wait to see the pics as they come along!!

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Sweet, where did you move to now buddy ?

is that cerameco rock or just regular rock in there ??


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Picked up 3 anthias from New Fish. One of them laid on the sandbed most of the night so I am a little worried. It seems to be swimming more today. They are all eating like pig.

I really like the color on the Walt Smith Reef Rock. Will have to see how they do long term.


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Thinking about picking up a longnose hawkfish this weekend. Anyone have experience with longnose and cleaner shrimps?


Great looking tank! I'd love to have one of those eventually. Red sea reefer series is definitely on my bucket list.