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    Hanna DKH alkalinity checker

    So for the Hanna dkh alkalinity checker the instructions say to fill reagent into the tip on the syringe to 1.0 ML, so obviously the 1.0ML is located at the bottom of the syringe, so where exactly is the bottom of the plunger of the syringe suppose to be at 0.1ML or the top black line not marked...
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    nitrates at 40 ppm

    Here is my question, should I do something about it? My tank seems to be doing good. I have absolutely no nuisance algae in my tank. I don't even have to clean any film algae off the glass. The tank has been up for approximately 1 year. Its a 93 gallon cube with 1 high fin goby with paired...
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    Dosing pump/doser

    I'm looking to buy a doser that's not the top of the line i.e. GHL, I'm sure there is a reliable doser out there that won't break the bank. I was surprised my well know LFS recommend a jebao. I'm willing to spend a little more money for peace of mind. What's everybody's thoughts...
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    93 cube build

    For my 93 cube: advice, gyre 130/150 or vortech mp40wqd? What should I get? What are your guys experience with these in this type of tank? It will be a mixed reef, never owned a cube before, so any advice would be appreciated
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    Dry rock delivery

    Anyone else have issues with dry rock delivered to their house. I ordered 100 pounds of dry rock from reef cleaners. It was to be delivered in 2 separate boxes 50lbs a piece by UPS, some how, some way UPS damaged both shipments. They never even tried to deliver them, they just shipped them back...
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    93 cube reef

    anyone who has one or had one in the past.... I'm looking for advice or any draw backs to owning this tank. Do you regret buying it or would you purchase again. I am down grading from a 180. its to expensive and time consuming to do a reef in the 180. So any advice would help. I know i don't...
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    Diy baffle kit

    Anyone ever try melev's reef DIY baffle kit for a sump/Refugium? I picked up a 40 gallon breeder from petco for this project. They have their a dollar a gallon sale going on now.
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    Official back in!

    I'm officially back into the hobby after a 10 year break. I started with a IM Nuvo 16., one month ago. The hobby has advanced so much in the last 10 years. I still have my 180 gallon tank sitting empty in the basement.
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    Live rock

    I want to support my LFS, I was going to buy some live rock from him but what is the going rate per pound and or does anybody have any recommendations?????? I will need 20pds for a nano Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    What to do

    So here is my dilemma, I started saltwater hobby back in 1998, I was successful in maintaining a FOWLR tank until i got out in 2005. Now that my kids are off to college, it leaves me with more time. Hence, the reason to jump back into the hobby. I would love to set up this tank without wasting...
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    New reef question

    So I have a 180 gallon fwlr that I broke down about 4 years ago. This tank and all of its equipment have been sitting idle in storage. Now that I have more time in my life, I was thinking about jumping back into the hobby. I think this time around I want to do a simple reef with softies...